The Importance of Professional Photography | Michele Flagen Photography

We often realize the importance of photography after it's too late.  The years pass and we look for photos of a person or a time in our lives, only to find blurry photos at best.  

It can feel silly to spend money on professional photography when everyone is walking around with a camera in their pocket.  But let's face it, those pixelated photos on your iPhone don't capture how it felt to hold your first baby or the giddy love you felt for your new fiance. 

Photos are so much more than what we look like at a certain time in life.  They trigger memories and stir up emotions.  They send us back in time to places and details that were long forgotten.

When I take photos of my own family I think to myself, what will my kids want to remember about their childhood?  What will they want to remember about me?  What do I want to remember about them?

Photos are part of our legacy.  We cherish them for allowing us to remember our past.  We pass them on to future generations so they can know the stories that shaped us.

Please, print your family photos and hang them on your wall.  Invest in a professional photographer to preserve these times in your life and your children's lives. You will be giving yourself and your family a gift that can not be purchased ten years much less one year down the road.

The days are long but the years are short.  Don't let these moments pass you by.